Diversity & Anti-Racism Project

Since the establishment of our organization, the leadership and individual experts have provided counselling services to a minimum of twenty individuals and/or groups (including Indigenous People and Black People) every week on issues that are deeply rooted in discrimination. The following are some of the areas in which we have supported community members: housing or accommodation problems due to racial discrimination, barriers to immigrant students successful integration to Canadian schooling system due to alienation and bullying, difficulty in overcoming institutional discrimination from government registry and in obtaining credit from financial sectors, providing advisory support for inter-racial marital issues that discriminate against a racialized partner. We also coach vulnerable members of the community on how to overcome internalized discrimination, educating parents to tolerate inter-racial and multi-ethnic marriages. We continue to carry out this initiative through our Diversity & Anti-Racism Project (DAP).

Over the last seven years, our Women’s ministry has also organized at least 12 programs every year, specifically focused on breaking the myth surrounding, racism, sexism and gender inequality to encourage, empower, and prepare females to fully participate in the Canadian economy. On December 3, 2018, the HOGIM in collaboration with some community partners started hosting a program titled “The Unstoppable Woman” where the women are educated on how to explore avenues of interest and pursue their careers relentlessly, relate with other genders in the work place and how to identify various forms of racial discrimination and racial trauma.

The Business and Career Development initiative at HOGIM prepare individuals on how to overcome systemic barriers in securing jobs, including systemic racism by providing advisory support in resume writing, career coaching, entrepreneurship, translation of documents from foreign languages and interpretation from international languages (Swahili, Lingala, Yoruba, Igbo, Akan, Dagomba, Ga, Hausa, Zulu, Africans).

If you feel like you need support in any of the aforementioned areas, please contact the HOGIM Admin Office to find out how the DAP can be of assistance to you or any member of your family.