Seniors Ministry

The following are some of the programs the House Of Glory Seniors Ministry Offers:

  1. Seniors Day Services
    A week Seniors Respite care at our church for older adults who need care for working caregivers.
  2.  Annual Seniors Picnic
    We invite Seniors from our church and community to participate in a summer picnic every year. We provide entertainment and games.
  3.  Caregiving
    Our Seniors Ministry provides direct support for people having difficulty with activities of daily living (ADLs): walking, dressing, getting to/from bed, going shopping, and preparing meals.
  4.  Children of Seniors
    We provide support, networking opportunities, and resource information for adult children of aging parents.
  5. Companion Services: Seniors escort other Seniors for visits to the doctor, dentist, pharmacy, grocery store, etc., helping them along the way.
  6.  Exercise and Fitness Classes
    Seniors participate in “low impact” aerobics class, “Body Recall,” or some other form of exercise designed for older adults.
  7.  Field Trips
    Seniors take educational and informational, recreational, mission study, or work mission trips.
  8.  Game Day
    Monthly, we hold a game day for Seniors (include games that involve mental stimulation).
  9.  Helping Hands
    Our Seniors Ministry maintain a church food and clothing pantry.
  10.  Home Maintenance and Minor Repair
    Seniors with skills help others by painting, changing light bulbs, mowing lawns, home chores, carpentry, etc.
  11.  Homebound Sunday School Class
    Homebound Seniors participate in Church Services and Sunday school by use of a Speaker Phone, Handheld Device or Television.
  12.  Intergenerational Retreat
    We invite Seniors and the Youth to participate in our annual Intergenerational retreat together. Plan for games, meals, Bible study, and sharing.