Festival Of Nations

Our 14th Annual Festival of Nations event will kick off on Friday September 27th, 2024 with a Gospel concert and end on Sunday September 29th, 2022 with a Community-driven Food and Arts Contest.

Day 1 will commence with an All Nations Gospel Concert; this will bring together several renowned gospel groups and artistes (from diverse backgrounds in the province and beyond) on one stage, to perform for the general public. The three hours power-packed All Nations gospel Concert commences with an acknowledgement of over 40 nationalities in our organization and the community at large, followed by musical performances from various groups and artistes. Due to the state of things with the COVID-19 Pandemic, social distancing and other safety measures strictly observed, including check in stations, sanitizing stations with access to mask and disinfecting wipes. There will be keynote speeches by Dr. Elizabeth Fapohunda, Dr. Lanre Smith, and other Experts on Diversity about the importance of living in harmony between groups of people from different cultural, racial and religious backgrounds. The event will take place in the two large multipurpose halls and live streamed on Facebook, YouTube and TELUS TV channel 876. This is to provide opportunities for Albertans of all backgrounds to come together and experience different cultural traditions as we as encourage social cohesion an mutual understanding through sharing of different Cultural experiences.

Day Two: HOGIM Youth Take Over Challenge. There will be an Arts and Culture Challenge among the youth and Seniors in the organization and the general public through Facebook live. Voting will decide who the winners of the contest are. This program is to empower and strengthen the unity of the various seniors and youth in our organization and community at large.

Day Three: We will facilitate a Round Table Discussion Forum/Talk Show entitled “CULTURE & MARRIAGE. This will be made available in-person and on our various social media platforms for the Youth, women and men. In this discussion forum we will discuss the importance of Cultural identity and Marriage. We will have experts on hand to weigh in and educate members of our community on the subject matter.